In the 21st Century Yoga has blossomed into a broad and varied approach that deals with the human condition. It tends to incorporate aspects of the physical, the emotional/psychological and the philosophical. Different branches of yoga will emphasise one or more of these aspects; drawing students to sometimes very physical practices,  sometimes very theoretical/philosophical practices and sometimes to psychological practices.

My interest comes from a loosely humanist perspective firmly rooted in the here and now, and my view has shifted over the years from a largely physical view of yoga to a view that encompasses the complex relationship between things, and the way perception influences everything. What do we make of the impressions that come in through our senses, and how do we respond to those impressions? These are the questions that seem important and keep yoga live and ever interesting.

Regular classes:

Tuesday Morning:  10.30 – 12.00 am  cost £10-00 an intermediate class for students with some experience.

Thursday Morning  9.30 – 11.30 am   cost £15-00 a more advanced class for students who have a regular practice

Thursday evening 19.30 – 21.00       cost £10-00 a drop in class for everyone.

All classes held at Unit 4, 26 Round Hill Street Brighton BN23RG



Intelligent Yoga
in the second edition of Intelligent yoga, there have been some significant changes in perspective since I started to write the first edition. These changes reflect a further distancing from the bio-mechanical view of the body towards a more systems integrative perspective. Central to this idea is that it is the relationship between things that is more important than the things themselves.
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